The students of our ballet school are taught using the method developed by the ballerina of the Maryinsky Theater, the outstanding teacher and ballet master Agrippina Vaganova. As a teacher, Vaganova devised her own method of classical ballet training, combining elements of the French, Italian and other existing methods as well as earlier Russian technique. Her system is based on clarity and intelligence of technique and has elevated Russian ballet to one of the leading positions in the world.



Age band: 3 to 5 years old


In this class, the children do stretching and flexibility exercises, learn the basic elements of dance and the basics of choreography, the first ballet steps, how to follow music and get to know the bases of the dance patterns and dance figures. This class develops coordination and introduces the students to basic ballet terms and concepts.



Age band: 6 to 8 years old


In this class, the students start to develop ballet concepts such as turn out, coordination, spatial awareness and class etiquette. The class further develops the student’s ballet vocabulary and follows the typical ballet class structure of barre, center exercises and moving across the floor.
This class focuses on building the dancer’s stamina and developing the muscles used in classical ballet and includes a great amount of stretching in order to improve the dancer’s flexibility and extension. 



Age band: 9 to 12 years old


The program includes: technique of classical ballet, pointe, simple variations, stretching and conditioning, character dance, repertoire.